Your home’s exterior is extremely vital. If you want to maintain the longevity of your paint job and guarantee excellent airflow through soffits, you need an expert pressure wash every year. The exterior of your house will accumulate pollutants that surround it. It is unavoidable. However, you can lower your maintenance expenses with a yearly exterior house washing

For those who don’t know, yearly pressure washing will improve the lifespan of the paint job of your home’s exterior. It also helps keep your soffits properly operating.  

Pressure Washing Before Painting 

If you pressure wash away mold and grime first before you apply stain or paint, you will improve the life of your new paint job, whether your house’s exterior requires a fresh coat of paint or whether it is time to update the color.  

If you do not perform a thorough cleaning first, new paint will have a hard time sticking to the surface of your home. You’ll immediately know when this step is not performed since the paint will flake up or peel off in huge chunks shortly after finishing the project.  

Improving the Life of Your Current or New Exterior Paint 

Aside from being visually unappealing to your existing home exterior, annual dirt build-up can embed in the paint if you do not regularly get rid of them. This will make it much harder to get rid of the grim. In addition to that, the longer the dirt sticks around, the more possibilities they’ve got to break down the paint. This will result in peeling. Yearly pressure washing will help improve the lifespan of the paint job of your house and improve your curb appeal. 

Pressure Washing Gets Rid of Build-Up 

Your house accumulates a lot of dust, mildew, mold, and other surface and air pollutants in the course of a year. The exterior of your house will take on dirty and dull surface pollutants as the layers stick to each other. A couple of homeowners do not realize it is possible to pressure wash away this build-up. Because of this, most of them believe that they require a new paint job.  

In addition to that, the build-up will also attach to the soffits of your house. Helping your home breathe is one of the most crucial functions of your soffits. The other job of your soffit is to secure your rafters from weather-related problems such as mildew and mold attaching to the wooden beams. If this happens, it will result in rotting. A thick layer of surface dirt on the soffits can lower airflow. This can potentially damage your house.  

Avoid Repairs 

Aside from being unattractive, the build-up of pollutants can actually wear away your house. Particular building materials, like brick, might deteriorate over time if it is dirty. Routine pressure washing can help lower the risks. 

For instance, bird droppings are very acidic. It can weaken the gutter or roof systems of your home. You can prevent this from happening if you regularly clean your house with pressure washing.